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This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen xD

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I like how the story always ends up in the same place every time, makes it an interesting paradox, and also kinda gives it a sense like the character's slowly fading into insanity xD

I played through every path (I think...might have missed one, there's so many! ) And I really enjoy the storyline, It's amazing how you can twist an ordinary situation and turn it into something interesting and entertaining. Really enjoyed this game! :D

XyroDonatus responds:

Thank you kindly meg :3

Glad you enjoyed it enough to play through the multiple endings :D

As a wise man once said "The ordinary is just the things you are used too" ;P

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This is amazing XDD

The voices were pretty great I have to say! I can imagine how annoying it must have been to have to do them for so long. xD

...this also kinda reminds me of a video I saw where mickey and goofy were in a war, and mickey ended up having to choose between goofy and his country.
...yeah I've seen some weird stuff XD

XyroDonatus responds:

Thank you Meg :3

The voices have actively stranglehold me, but in all fairness, they were not as hard to do as I would have thought. I mainly struggled because of the heat more than anything, so I had to end fast or I would have fried myself, lol ;P

Never thought I'd hear lemons and limes be referred to as eggs xD

This is great though! Definitely made me laugh and wonder what a fire type egg would be... hmm

Anyway I think you have a fun series coming along :3

XyroDonatus responds:

I look forward to making more, and uncovering the mysteries behind the one true fire egg... in time ;P

Still, thank you so much meg, glad ya enjoyed it!

And trust me, I got a bit of an idea as to where I'll be going with this, but just need to clarify a few thingymabobbers in my noggin :D

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So cute!!

EmmanTroll15 responds:

Thanks! uwu

:0 its so pretty and peaceful!

XyroDonatus responds:

Thank ya kindly meg :3

Feel I need to add something more to make the grass feel less static, but will have to look into a bit more ;P

le gasp~!
But what if the ghost was just vibing :<

XyroDonatus responds:

That would be one macabre way of Giving, xD

Just a random dorky sophomore tryn' ta draw :3

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