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Im back! ...kinda...I think

Posted by MegPeg - 1 month ago

Hey, so its been a couple of...months o_0

I don't really know why I left for so long, I started online school around the time that I left and that took up a lot of my time...and I might have also kinda forgotten that newgrounds existed... :P

So...sorry! >_<

I took a break from drawing for a while because of school and stuff so I'm working towards getting myself back into putting the pen on the sacred p a p e r. So expect some art relatively soon!

Also really quick a couple things happened/are going to happen soon:

I got a bird :0


Its kinda difficult to tell the gender of a budgie when they're this young, but right now all signs indicate that my little bird is a female, so until proved otherwise, her name is Mika! :3

(Just letting yall know in case she suddenly gets a name change, lol)

Also I may be gaining an age in a few days... I might be excited about it...just maybe...

Anyway, I'll see yall...soon! (Hopefully!)


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Definition of the name "Mika": (I got this search from google.)

Hungarian, Japanese, Russian:
Beautiful fragrance

Native American:
The name Mika means Beautiful Smell and is of Native American origin.

The name Mika means gift from God.

Well she doesn't exactly have a "beautiful smell" XD

I can agree with gift from God however. She is a blessing to have :3

Lol. History repeat's itself every 100 years.
1720 = Yersinia Pestis
1820 = Cholera
1920 = Spanish Flu
2020 = Covid-19

Huh, thats interesting...I wonder if its some kind of mutation or conspiracy. Its weird that it happens in such a precise timeline, eh?

Or maybe its just my hyperactive imagination trying to turn world history into my own personal sci-fi drama. Who knows?

OMG! ?? what a cute parrot! FACT: if you rate 100 movies with under judgment , you will get badge called "Town Watch" and I was "Police Officer"

Thank you! Interesting fact!

Does your parrot saying "PP"? , or I was joking XDD

Lol no, but that would be funny XD

Well, since others appear to be doing it; fun fact; did you know that cuttlebones (the cuttlefish bone I can see there) are not only used for small birds, but can also be used to create molds for jewelry by specialists!

Those kinds of people are known as "Cuttle-boners", by me, and now, by you as well ;P

Anywho, welcome back meg, Hope the oll online schooling isn't causing you too much stress and all. Take it easy ^^

AH so many fun facts!
Information...exceeding...brain capacity!

I actually didn't know that though, it makes sense that people would use them for molds since they're really easy to carve into.

But thank you, it's fun to be back :D


@XyroDonatus @MegPeg
MegPeg/newgrounds.com/brain.exe has stopped working.

@PBSfanboy @MegPeg Lol. Maybe it's a conspiracy. This is the link to an image on google.
It shows that. And the scientific name of "Spanish Flu" is "H1N1 virus of January 1918 - 23:59 December 31, 1920

To continue for @kruno5gaming,
Citizen - 0
Safety Patrol - 100 (+100) 2%
Security Guard - 200 (+100) 4 %
Police Officer - 300 (+100) 6 %
Police Sergeant - 400 (+100) 8%
Police Lieutenant - 500 (+100) 10%
Police Captain - 1000 (+500) 12%
Elite Guard Private - 1500 (+500) 14%
Elite Guard Private First Class - 2000 (+500) 16%
Elite Guard Corporal - 2500 (+500) 18%
Elite Guard Sergeant - 3000 (+500) 20%
Elite Guard Staff Sergeant - 4000 (+1000) 22%
Elite Guard Sergeant First Class - 5000 (+1000) 24%
Elite Guard Master Sergeant - 6000 (+1000) 26%
Elite Guard Sergeant Major - 7000 (+1000) 28%
Elite Guard Praporshchik - 8000 (+1000) 30%
Elite Guard Second Lieutenant - 9500 (+1500) 32%
Elite Guard First Lieutenant - 11000 (+1500) 34%
Elite Guard Captain - 12500 (+1500) 36%
Elite Guard Major - 14000 (+1500) 38%
Elite Guard Lieutenant Colonel - 15500 (+1500) 40%
Elite Guard Colonel - 17500 (+2000) 42%
Elite Guard Brigadier General - 19500 (+2000) 44%
Elite Guard Major General - 21500 (+2000) 46 %
Elite Guard Lieutenant General - 23500 (+2000) 48%
Elite Guard General - 25500 (+2000) 55%
Elite Guard Supreme Comander (Final rank) - 30000 (+4500) 60%

I just found a 2.09 star rated game. Very low. Rated E.
It ironically had 72 votes. Including me.

@PBSfanboy these ranks are pretty veteran.

I'm sorry if I wasted commenting space Meg. :)

Oh dw its fine lol :)