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MegPeg's News

Posted by MegPeg - 2 days ago

Hey yall, so I just wanted to make this quick update because pretty soon here, ya might not see a lot of me for a few weeks. The reason being the holiday season, and high school finals for my first semester ;-;

Yeah, time to climb stress mountain.

I wont have a ton of time to post stuff, but I will draw when I can. Because its fun. And I love Christmas. And I want to draw fifty billion Christmas pictures. Yes. God I love Hollidays, but it takes so much time and work to prepare for :P

At least I get to stand on the roof of my house in the cold for about an hour to put up Christmas lights, which is always fun. (im not fully being sarcastic here, I love heights, so it is pretty fun, though it does get pretty cold up there)

Anyway, just wanted to let yall know I might be uploading less stuff for a while. So happy holidays, and good luck to those also approaching their finals week, I hope you survive.



Posted by MegPeg - 2 weeks ago

Look at these precious photos of cuteness! (My cat Ginger is here too :P)





And last but not least...



I just felt like showing pictures of this little sweetheart, who for some reason likes to stick her head in shoes and play with anything and everything. xD

If I ever post more pet pics (for whatever reason) you guys will find I own a LOT of pets. Well, if you count having four indoor pets as a lot.

Three cats, (Ginger who is my cat, Oki who along with Sushi are my older sister's cats) and our old dog Sparky, whose been around for most of my life and still goin' strong (I seriously cannot believe how much energy he has at 11 or 12 years old)

Sooo yeah...I just wanted to share the cuteness because, why not ? :P

Hope yall'r having a nice day :D


Posted by MegPeg - 1 month ago

Soooooo this is different...

I started writing a new story after about...oof its been three years of not writing anything new. (I'd been writing a story that I started when I was eleven...it wasn't very good xD) anyway I thought I'd share what I have so far of this new story, which is basically a teaser or foreshadowing of what the story will be.

Its not much, and I have no idea if its any good because im way out of practice... Ugh I feel like it sucks xD its probably at the least really cheesy, but I tried my best :P (also know this is still a rough draft so I might not keep any of it... its a work in progress)



Pain is the only thing he could ever feel. It coursed agonizingly through his veins, always tracing back to the heart, where it blazed like the fiery pits of hell.

It's always been this way.

How could life not be like this? Does not everyone feel the horror that drowns him? All he could feel is hate, the only thing that this world has ever given him. He glares down through the glossy gold-rimmed window, his tired crystal blue eyes piercing the backs of children below.

As they laughed and horseplayed with pure innocent joy in their small faces, he realized he had never gotten to experience this beautiful happiness. Why did the world curse him so? Every living thing was filled with the wonderful lifeblood of the heavens, every plant, animal, and citizen. They all had their "gifts", except for him.

The only person in the history of the world, who could live without a single drop of Lifeblood. He looked up at his faint reflection. The messy dark blue hair, the face wrinkled from weeks without sleep, the stupid lab coat he still put his faith into. He loathed every bit of it.

Roaring in anger, he bashed his fist through the glass. He gazed at his bloodied fist for a split second, realizing the stupidity of what he had done, and collapsed in agony. Children screamed down below as a shower of glass rained down on them. With trembling hands, he tore the glass shards from his fist and quickly searched his pockets. His tremoring fingers fumbled with a needle until he thrust it into his arm. He inhaled sharply through his teeth, letting the painkiller take its course. The pain and trembling ceased. He let out a breath of relief. For him, every injury felt like a death blow.

The doctors had given him the painkillers, saying it would help ease his everlasting torment.

They lied. 

There wasn't a single medication in this world that could cure him. He was a medical mystery. The one who stumped them all. The oddity. The problem.

Why did they even try?

A small ‘ding’ rang from his pocket. He took out his Communicator to see a national news post. Curious and willing anything to take his mind off the pain, he brought it up. His expression changed from mild surprise to shock, the Communicator dropping from his frozen hand. Plans and blueprints filed through his mind, something other than pain cycled through his veins for the first time in a decade. He bolted to his workshop to start composing his ideas, the headline still imprinted in his mind.

“Ten-year-old girl found to hold more Lifeblood than two full-grown men.”


Let me know if ya guys like it, or if ya have any suggestions for how I can make this better :D

-A lil' Meg tryin' her best :P


Posted by MegPeg - November 2nd, 2019

Alright I got me lots of stuff to talk about and finally find time to talk about it so here we go!

I'm going to start making a few changes.

(there not super big they're mostly style changes so if you don't really care about that stuff you can go on and skip ahead)

Participating in Inktober has shown me that I draw a lot of the same stuff and I don't explore too much or try to expand my creativity beyond simple random character designs. I want to be able to improve my art, and not drawing anything different isnt going to help me with much. So lets change that. From now on I will be branching out a ton more to different concepts, styles, techniques, and subjects to make my art more diverse and help improve my skills!

I have a ton of Ideas for stories and fun little random arts that yall will see soon, as well as lots of experimentation. I even have a small group of new OC's.

Also earlier this morning I got a message!


Was definitely not expecting this! I don't know why/how I got picked, or what its really about...but I'm glad I get the chance to do this so thank you if someone is responsible for this! (Look I dont know how this works xD)

Finally, just a quick little thing :3

Me and a few school friends are going to have a small art contest between the four of us and I thought I'd share the sketch for it here since I wasn't planning on posting it (I mean unless y'all want to see the end result...) Anyway here's the thing!


Please remember this is just a sketch...though I have to say... I frickin love the expression. I dont know why I'm so hyped about it, I've just always admired the expressions that my expierenced family members can draw, and hope that I can draw as good someday. So when I draw something thats very expressive i get super excited. Everyone in my family is an amazing artist and here I am trying to follow in their footsteps. It kinda sets the expectations pretty high for me.

Anyway, I believe that that is all I wanted to update y'all on so im signing off for the night!

Happy November!



Posted by MegPeg - October 27th, 2019

Im great at falling behind not only on art but also at school. So I got to deal with having to write an entire debate in one night, presenting it the next day, having to stress an extra day about which side won the debate, only to find out we lost without a single vote to our side.

Sorry about that :P I just now caught up on everything I needed to catch up on, including Inktober. Tomorrow Im going to be posting an art every hour or two, depending on how much time I have. (I already drew them so I just have to upload them all. I'm too tired to try to post them all today sooo...)

Besides having been stressed out of my mind, I've been pretty good recently, though I haven't done much besides schoolwork and hang out at a club full of video game nerds (which I am proud to be a part of, haw haw)

Hope y'all had a better week and weekend than I did! Im posting one artwork today if ya want to check it out! :3



Posted by MegPeg - October 21st, 2019

I just realized that I didn't make a news post yesterday...oops :P oh well im not really late so everything's all good :3

I had quite the interesting adventure this past weekend, as I had to travel 3 and a half hours by car to a gymnastics clinic...because I do that kinda stuff.

It was pretty fun, I learned a lot of cool tips and stuff for competitions. But now I'm feeling the after effects of working on precise form and performance for seven hours. Not so fun.

Other than feeling like I've been hit by a truck, I've been drawing a lot of stuff for Inktober, and will hopefully be able to upload a few drawings today. :D

Hope y'all had a good weekend! :3


Posted by MegPeg - October 14th, 2019

After a week of working to post two drawings a day, I've finally caught up with Inktober! Yay! From now on I will be posting Inktober submissions that are up to date once a day, as long as I don't run into something again.

I have been getting busier and busier however, as I've been filling up my slots of free time with after school activities. So I'll have less time to work on my art than I'd like, but its doable. I'll always continue to try my best and work hard too improve my art!

I also really appreciate those who have been saying such kind encouraging words this past week, yall have been giving me the energy to keep going at stressful times. :D

Thank you all for sticking with me and my slowly improving art. I know it's not great, and I'm really surprised people are actually interested in some of the things I've made.

Thanks again to all those tuning in, I really appreciate ya. Also...why are you here listening to a 14 year old talk about her problems? xD

See ya later!



Posted by MegPeg - October 7th, 2019

So a few of you might have noticed that I havent posted anything in a while, and for that I sincerely apologize! Im not dead yet, I've just been so busy lately with school and all kinds of junk. :P

I do want to participate in inktober, and I have already drawn some stuff for it. I am still planning to post them asap, (even though Im already a week late) :( starting tomorrow im going to try to post two Inktober submissions a day, one from the past and one for the current day (for example tomorrow I will post #1 and #7, the next day #2 and #8, etc.) At least until I can catch up, It'll be a lot, but I'm getting a couple of days off this week so I should be able to pull it off without stressing...too much.

I am keeping my own mental stability in mind, thats why I chose this week to catch up, since I'd have more time to myself and less time to worry about presentations and tests.

I'm actually pretty excited for this, since I'll be challenging myself more which is what I've been wanting to do for a while so I can improve :3

Im pretty proud of some of the artworks I've already done, and can't wait to show y'all!

-MP :3


Posted by MegPeg - September 29th, 2019

So I'm not sure how exciting this update is going to be...cuz I honestly dont know what im doing xD

This is basically just an update on how baby cat is doing and a couple of other things. I'll try to make it a bit more interesting, and as in interesting I mean weird, because...bleh.

So anyway baby cat's name has changed quite a bit. It went from Pippa to Sette to Nova and finally to Sushi, wich has stuck for more than a day, so I think Sushi is going to be her official name. She's very social as far as we can see, shes tried to make friends with our other cats but they dont really know what to think of her. She has enough energy for a lifetime, and loves to snuggle, but recently she's gotten sick.

Sushi has tape worms (which means she ate a flea) and they've been eating all her food so she eats a ton but actually gets very little food in her belly. We already got her treated yesterday, and were hoping that little Sushi will get better soon.

Everything else has been going pretty well, except for the fact that I've hit artists block. Yay... :( actually I've had a bit of artists and writers block since I started writing again. So it kinda sucks because now I can't really do much besides stare at a blank canvas or document for an hour, ocasionally write or scribble something, then delete it, repeat cycle before giving up and asking my cats for help because Im home alone most of the time and unlike me, all my friends have a life. :P

If yall have any advice for getting over artists and/or writers block...please help xD im going to go crazy....oh wait I already am crazy so how...?

Sorry this was a bit all over the place. I just spent a few hours doing math, and lucky me im in the advanced math class that is ahead of all my friend's math classes and my family doesn't understand the material, so if I mess something up or get confused, I'm on my own :P

(At least its not too bad since Ive had to teach myself math for 2 weeks without a teacher before so im kinda used to it)

Anyway thank yall for being here throughout...whatever this mess is, and have a great day :3


Posted by MegPeg - September 22nd, 2019

This past week had been pretty dull, normal boring school, feeling dead inside, I even got sick on Friday and had to stay home and binge watch movies all day...(alright im not complaining about that) But yesterday, something very unexpected happened.

Judging by the title, you might have guessed that a little one is joining my family! (Ok maybe I should make this clear...I'm NOT pregnant, no one here is pregnant...) So we got a kitten! My older sister is an amazing person and she managed to rescue this 6 week old kitten thats been hiding under a shed at her work for at least 4 days. The kitten is an adorable little girl and you can bet that I will draw her very soon (maybe today)

We took her to the vet and she's perfectly healthy but just has some fleas. We still haven't come up with a good name for her, so right now we're just calling her 'Baby cat' or 'Little one' Let me know if yall have any name suggestions, me and my sister were thinking along the lines of the Legend of Zelda series because we're geeks.

I think Baby Cat is going to fit right in with our other two cats and our dog xD. Yeah, its a big family. Heres a picture of her :3


You guys have no idea how hard it was to get this picture xD the entire time baby cat was climbing all over me and trying to eat my fingers and toes. She cannot sit still I swear.

My sister is an amazing person and an amazing artist, she's my inspiration for what I want my art to be like some day :3 Yall should check her out on deviantart I can't stress enough of how amazing she is. Heres the link to her page :D


Let me know if you have a name suggestion or any questions about baby cat! Also send help because I'm going to lose my fingers soon. xD