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MegPeg's News

Posted by MegPeg - 2 weeks ago

Some of you might have already seen this but I changed the banner and pfp of my page!

I've been working on my style recently, so of course my old art has been starting to look worse and worse in my eyes. (...and I also got a haircut sooooo I thought it was time for a change)

Also I never really knew what to put for a banner (and I still don't lol) since I'm not really doing this "professionally," I'm mostly just here for fun, and to get feedback so I can improve. So I don't have any kind of logo or anything like I've seen other pages have.

But I worked really hard on these late into the night, and what can I say? I'm proud of em! So I wanted to show them off a little in here... (so you can see the full image regardless of the device your on ;) )

So without further adieu~ (ooo fancy word)


Im mostly proud of the banner... AH! It turned out so good!!

Anyway thank y'all for reading...yeah this was mostly so I could show off XD

Ya gotta give me a break every once and a while! >:3

Yall have a great day!


Posted by MegPeg - 1 month ago

Welp, I've officially existed for 15 years.


I'm now 3/4 of the way to 20, halfway to 30, and can take a drivers permit test legally...which feels really strange to write.

My friends up here in Oregon are all older (and way taller) than me and some of them already have cars somehow, so I feel a bit late to the starting line. But either way, I'm here now.

...and as always, I have no idea what the heck I'm doing :)

Here's to another year! ...or whatever the heck people say!

Idk I just want cake... :D


Posted by MegPeg - 1 month ago

Hey, so its been a couple of...months o_0

I don't really know why I left for so long, I started online school around the time that I left and that took up a lot of my time...and I might have also kinda forgotten that newgrounds existed... :P

So...sorry! >_<

I took a break from drawing for a while because of school and stuff so I'm working towards getting myself back into putting the pen on the sacred p a p e r. So expect some art relatively soon!

Also really quick a couple things happened/are going to happen soon:

I got a bird :0


Its kinda difficult to tell the gender of a budgie when they're this young, but right now all signs indicate that my little bird is a female, so until proved otherwise, her name is Mika! :3

(Just letting yall know in case she suddenly gets a name change, lol)

Also I may be gaining an age in a few days... I might be excited about it...just maybe...

Anyway, I'll see yall...soon! (Hopefully!)


Posted by MegPeg - April 28th, 2020

I've said this earlier, but in case some people did't see it (which there is bound to be) I've recently been watching a streamer stream Ocarina of Time, where at the end we show fanart for the stream... and how could I resist?

I ended up drawing a good amount of art in a small amount of time, some good, some bad, some that absolutely nobody would understand unless they watched the stream. I decided it wouldn't be a good idea to post them if nobody knew the context, but I was actually pretty proud of some of them, so why not put them here!

I'm not putting all the ones I made, as some of them only came out as sketches, and some of them I don't really like (only made for the laughs in the context of the stream), but here's what I got, and I hope you all enjoy!


(he tried to beat the fire temple with the broken goron knife)




After he beat OoT he played some ACNH So I also made this (which is my favorite out of all of them)


Anyway, I hope y'all at least somewhat enjoyed this! Hopefully I'll post more real art soon!

See ya!


Posted by MegPeg - April 13th, 2020

So my school got canceled for the rest of the year. I know a lot of other people had this happen too, but I am really not looking forward to being stuck at home for five whole months.

Yeah...I'm that one weird kid who actually likes school, even if the school system is a bit janked up. Mostly it just gives me something to do with my life that feels productive, because without it I just play Animal Crossing for hours on end.

Because I have nothing to make me feel like I should be productive...I haven't drawn anything in a long time. But I am going to finally get some of that productivity juice, sacrifice Tom Nook, and start drawing/writing a possible comic!

(...I know I've said that multiple times but I really do want to make a comic out of something... just gotta find the right story :P)

Anyway, expect some kind of drawing or possibly a comic experiment soon! :D

Also happy late Easter!


Posted by MegPeg - March 12th, 2020


This is officialy the most expensive thing I've ever bought...and I am officially broke...but it was SO worth it!!!

Its so great to work with, I'm really glad I decided to buy it.

There is one really weird problem though. When you get it your supposed to download the driver for the tablet, which in the case of my tablet, it would automatically register your tablet as a device you bought in your Wacom account thingy, which would let you encode the pen and tablet hot keys.

But for some reason, even though I downloaded the driver, it didn't register :(

(And yes, it IS supposed to do it automatically, I've looked it up many times)

I can't figure out how to fix it on my own, (I've tried for a few hours) and I dont know what else I can do.

It works just fine without it, preassure sensitivity and everything, but not being able to use the color picker hot key (the one I use the most) has started to get on my nerves.

If anyone has expierence using Wacom tablets and has any suggestions please let me know! I feel like the more I try to fix it myself the more likely I'm going to break something...and I'm not going to buy another one of these! xD

I'm happy that I can draw in digital again, but...I want to be able to use my color picker :(

I know it sounds petty, but it annoyed me a bit that I had to go all the way across the screen to click the color picker instead of just clicking the little button on my pen.

Someone save me from this madness lol


Posted by MegPeg - March 2nd, 2020

The thing had been broken for months but of course I used all possible connection cords, scraps of ductape, and questionable secret glitter vials I had at my disposal to try to keep it running.

But alas, I couldn't help it avade death for long, and my drawing tablet finally gave up the ghost. Rest in pieces my friend. I will make sure to give you a proper funeral.

But this also means I can't draw digitally anymore, or at least not for a while. These things are expensive, so I have no idea how long it'll be until I can get another one.

(Also I know I can draw with a mouse but this is what happens when I try)


I even tried to color it xD

I guess I'll just have to try posting some more traditional art in the mean time. But I'll be looking around for a new tablet all the while.

(B-But it'll never be the same...)

So its going to be a little different for a while, once again I dont know how long, but we'll find out! Im going to be trying my best to make my art close to the same quality, but theres only so much I can do.

Thank you all for reading and continuing to be here. It means a lot <3


Posted by MegPeg - February 5th, 2020

Heyy! How're y'all doing?

I've had a lot of stuff happen in just a few days. So I'm just going to briefly touch up on those :)

▪I survived my final exams and have time to do stuff again! :D (I passed them all if you were wondering...probably no one is though xD)

▪On my last day of exams I ended up getting sick as a dog out of nowhere, and the medicine I was taking started to affect my breathing, and I kinda thought I was gonna die...So I stayed in the ER for 6 hours, comming home at 3 a.m.

(But I'm ok now I'm completely back to normal. As soon as I was treated in the ER I felt better in hours. I even competed in a gymnastics competition 3 days later)

(Also what is with me and getting hurt/sick recently xD

I swear im a magnet for trouble.)

▪Also I might be making some mini comics soon...maybe ;)

Maybe it doesn't seem like much written down, but the actual time span for some of these felt virtually (and in some cases) agonizingly long.

At least I get to finally start drawing again...even though my drawing tablet hardly works. So thats something to look forward to! :D

Thank you all for checking in and I'll see yall fairly soon-ish!


Posted by MegPeg - January 25th, 2020

So it's been a bit...like an entire month since I've done anything on Newgrounds. So I hope y'all haven't forgotten me...(is anyone still here? xD)

I've just been really busy with a lotta stuff, and have had a few health issues, like a concussion. (Reeee!) Also my finals week was moved to next week because of snow so I've a bit of prolonged stress.

Lots of fun stuff! But the part that really sucks, at least for me, because I love art, is that my drawing tablet is broken. Thats why I haven't posted any art for a while :/

In the mean time, I've been making more traditional art, which helped me remember how therapeutic it could be. I've really enjoyed it a lot, but hopefully I can get my tablet fixed soon...or else I have to buy another one, but they're so frickin expensive! (To be fair the tablet I currently own was my sister's, and I guess it was already kinda broken when I received it :P )

So sorry for not updating since...the beginning of the year... xD

I really couldn't find time to try to post or really draw a lot, and when I did have time, I either used it to study, try to keep my composure while my brain feels like its dying and can't focus on anything, or I just completely space it on accident.

Anyway, ill hopefully be posting some art soon, and I'll see you all later and try not to die. :D


Posted by MegPeg - January 1st, 2020

Heyo just wanted to come in and say Happy New Year! Can't believe its already 2020!

Just gonna update on a couple of small things and do a little bit of story telling :3

So I said around a week ago that I would draw a lot of Christmas stuff, aaand I ended up not drawing a single thing that was Christmas related... :c

Sorry about that! ;-;

I really did want to draw some Christmas stuff and was super excited about it too...but time just went way too fast for me.

Well, theres always next ye-!

Ah, this year! :D

...and about a bazillion more holidays to come.

In other news, I've been thinking seriously about getting back into trying to figure out animation again, mostly because I got a pretty good story in mind that I'd love to see animated, so why not by my own hand?

The story features this girl who's made of glass. (I drew her...do ya remember?)


Hmm Nyes~

Basicly its about a little girl who gets lost in a city, and she's terrified of everyone and everything around her, so she physically and mentally blocks herself off from them (symbolized by a glass barrier thing that makes her seem like she's made of glass)

Because she's blocked herself off, whenever someone is kind to her or touches her, the glass around her starts to crack (her eye thing is because someone tried to dry her tears)

She meets a wind up soldier toy that comes to life when its wound up (I may or may not have stolen this concept from myself...) And the toy becomes friends with her and starts leading her through the city.

But after a while the toy's wind runs out and he returns to a normal object. The girl runs away and hides, leaving the toy in the street, who later wakes up to see a woman had rewound him, who turns out to be the girl's mother.

The toy reunites them and all the glass around the girl is broken, and blah blah blah happy ending yay.

(Ya know come to think of it a lot of my stories take place in cities...which is a bit weird because I live in a country-ish small town. Guess I just really like cities. They are pretty at night...)

The story may not sound super 'amazing' (I did just give a cheap summary because rn I neeeed sleeep) but I can imagine it looking really cool and being just short and sweet little animated thingy in my brainness.

Alright I think thats enough rambling from me! G'night!