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Soooooo this is different...

I started writing a new story after about...oof its been three years of not writing anything new. (I'd been writing a story that I started when I was eleven...it wasn't very good xD) anyway I thought I'd share what I have so far of this new story, which is basically a teaser or foreshadowing of what the story will be.

Its not much, and I have no idea if its any good because im way out of practice... Ugh I feel like it sucks xD its probably at the least really cheesy, but I tried my best :P (also know this is still a rough draft so I might not keep any of it... its a work in progress)



Pain is the only thing he could ever feel. It coursed agonizingly through his veins, always tracing back to the heart, where it blazed like the fiery pits of hell.

It's always been this way.

How could life not be like this? Does not everyone feel the horror that drowns him? All he could feel is hate, the only thing that this world has ever given him. He glares down through the glossy gold-rimmed window, his tired crystal blue eyes piercing the backs of children below.

As they laughed and horseplayed with pure innocent joy in their small faces, he realized he had never gotten to experience this beautiful happiness. Why did the world curse him so? Every living thing was filled with the wonderful lifeblood of the heavens, every plant, animal, and citizen. They all had their "gifts", except for him.

The only person in the history of the world, who could live without a single drop of Lifeblood. He looked up at his faint reflection. The messy dark blue hair, the face wrinkled from weeks without sleep, the stupid lab coat he still put his faith into. He loathed every bit of it.

Roaring in anger, he bashed his fist through the glass. He gazed at his bloodied fist for a split second, realizing the stupidity of what he had done, and collapsed in agony. Children screamed down below as a shower of glass rained down on them. With trembling hands, he tore the glass shards from his fist and quickly searched his pockets. His tremoring fingers fumbled with a needle until he thrust it into his arm. He inhaled sharply through his teeth, letting the painkiller take its course. The pain and trembling ceased. He let out a breath of relief. For him, every injury felt like a death blow.

The doctors had given him the painkillers, saying it would help ease his everlasting torment.

They lied. 

There wasn't a single medication in this world that could cure him. He was a medical mystery. The one who stumped them all. The oddity. The problem.

Why did they even try?

A small ‘ding’ rang from his pocket. He took out his Communicator to see a national news post. Curious and willing anything to take his mind off the pain, he brought it up. His expression changed from mild surprise to shock, the Communicator dropping from his frozen hand. Plans and blueprints filed through his mind, something other than pain cycled through his veins for the first time in a decade. He bolted to his workshop to start composing his ideas, the headline still imprinted in his mind.

“Ten-year-old girl found to hold more Lifeblood than two full-grown men.”


Let me know if ya guys like it, or if ya have any suggestions for how I can make this better :D

-A lil' Meg tryin' her best :P


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